Special Since 1833

It is always special to visit Büttenfabrick Gmund. This family-owned paper mill has been in Tegernsee, Germany, for over 90 years. It is one of the oldest paper mills in Europe that still creates fine, unparalleled papers. This trip was extra-special as we are proud to create an exclusive line of boxes for their store in Gmund using their exceptional papers.

Lake Tegernsee and the surrounding villages are filled with all type of activities: hiking, boating, skiing and many others. Whenever I visit, I often ask fellow tourists if they have ever heard of Gmund papers or visited the factory. Most have not, but it truly is a must-visit. I first went there in 1996 and I have never forgotten it. 

What is special to me about Gmund’s paper-making process is The Machine. There is one machine from the 19th century that is astounding for how slowly it operates. The speed is key. This slowness enables Gmund to make papers others cannot. It is so interesting to watch as raw pulp that is 98% water is processed through this particular machine. Gmund is an Old World company with a unique history, but they embrace the latest technologies and keep up with the needs of a changing world. Everything is sustainably made and fully recycled. 

We hope our partnership will expand and that we will continue to create many more boxes using their wonderful papers. 


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