Les Années 20

We make boxes, but they are never “just” boxes. Paris-based artist Megan O’Connell of Salt & Cedar Letterpress commissioned us to create a box to hold a wonderful and intriguing item. Working with artists means learning a little about their world and their passion. This particular box contains an edition of nine hand-set cards featuring the Parisian addresses of noted artists, from James Joyce to Marcel Duchamp, who lived or spent time there in the 1920s. The addresses are beautifully typeset and letterpress-printed, then wrapped in a special Japanese paper. Sadly, the photographs of this project do not do it justice. We used our classic double black board, stapled with copper wire to match the copper foil stamp on the top of the box. This piece was created in an edition of 140. I think there are a few left; contact Megan here to buy one while you still can. Thank you, Megan, for trusting us with your project. We look forward to your next commission.

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