• Our Origins

    NorrmalmsKartongfabrik was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 2, 1916, by Ida Josefina Ohlsson (1875-1951). Since the beginning, the company has handcrafted fine quality cartons and boxes in a wide range of materials, sizes and production runs. After thirty years in business, Anna Lisa Liljeblad acquired the company in 1946, acting as a front for the Cedgren family. They could not use their name because the matriarch had been fired from a job in the same industry due tohaving contracted tuberculosis. Later, the company was taken over by her son, Lars-Yngve Cedgren, who ran the company until 2008. That same year, NorrmalmsKartongfabrik was incorporated into Magnus Nyström’s leather goods operation, Nyström Stockholm. Today, we are separate but remain affiliated.

  • Living Legacy

    Our success rests on a proud craft tradition that continues to serve us well. We still use a machine from 1908. Gunnar Johansson has been our foreman since 1979. The awareness we bring to our process has evolved, allowing us to be more intentional in refining our materials and methods. Our experience and expertise, acquired over many decades, make us agile, open to experimentation and highly efficient. This explains why clients from Adidas to the Museum of Evolution at Uppsala University trust us to enhance their presentation from the outside in.